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Trump Takes New York…but Will Minnesota Republicans Support Him?


Last night, Donald Trump won big, YUGE in New York’s primary. His style of offensive, in-your-face politics won over Republicans in the Empire State, but do Minnesota Republicans feel the same way?

Most have been evasive about the issue, throwing their support to other candidates that have since suspended their campaigns. Only a few Republican legislators have said whether or not they’ll support Trump:



Speaker Daudt (R – Crown/Zimmerman/Sanford Township) said he “probably” would support Trump if he’s the nominee. Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) is for now backing Cruz, but what if?

With a New York victory, Donald Trump’s path to the GOP nomination and the presidency just got a little clearer. Minnesota Republicans can’t hide from Trump forever, as he appears to be headed straight for the GOP nomination.

While some¬†Republican legislators¬†run away from Trump, they have little proof that they’re really any different. This legislative session has been consumed by Republican anti-choice bills, Republican insensitivity to minorities, and lots of talk with no action on key issues. Oh, and there’s still a GOP-backed muli-billion dollar corporate tax cut on the table.

So let’s find out which Minnesota Republicans will support Trump if (when) he’s the Republican nominee.¬†Ask about Trump!

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