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2016 Session Being Defined by GOP Inaction.

Daudt inaction

A few months ago, I pessimistically predicted that this session would be defined by GOP inaction. After all, even with a large surplus last year, Republicans refused to work with Governor Dayton and the DFL Senate on nearly every big issue, failing to pass a tax bill, passing a “lights on” transportation bill, and forcing a special session to finish their business.

This year, Speaker Daudt (R-Zimmerman/Crown/Stanford Township) is acting like inaction was his plan all along, seemingly trying to set up a narrative that he somehow prevented Governor Dayton and “the Democrats” from making any progress. He’s said repeatedly that his accomplishments have been to block Democrats from getting work done in St. Paul.

The lack of a GOP bonding bill (that Speaker Daudt now says he doesn’t have the votes for), and the slow moving targets on taxes and transportation (which, let’s remember, were supposed to be taken care of last year), only prove how ineffective Speaker Daudt and “the Republicans” are at getting anything accomplished for themselves or Minnesotans.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out this week’s headlines:

Our view: Get real about bonding, GOP 

Real ID solution looks set to crash and burn in Minnesota

Don’t settle for gridlock from 2016 Legislature

Legislators hoping for transportation, public-works bill are on edge

Hopes low as Minnesota lawmakers begin private bargaining

With just a week and a half left of the legislative session, it’s looking like Speaker Daudt will wrap up his two years as speaker leaving a legacy of…inaction. It’s hard to say what his vision for the state of Minnesota is. He mostly just says “no” to constructive ideas, while Governor Dayton and “the Democrats” are focused on an agenda to build a better future for all Minnesotans, not just the wealthy.


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