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Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee…so what are Minnesota Republicans saying?


Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee. Here’s what Minnesota Republicans are[n’t] saying about it:

Minnesota Republican Leaders Not Rushing to Embrace Donald Trump 

Will Minnesota Republican leaders support Donald Trump? Listen to their answers

Trump as Republican candidate still a tough prospect for many in Minnesota GOP

Minnesota Republicans adjust to reality of Trump atop their ticket

While Minnesota Republicans down-ticket prepare to run away from Trump, their similarities are hard to overlook.

Since taking the majority in 2014, House Republicans have spent time on:

Defunding Planned Parenthood and a slate of other anti-choice measures

Cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy

The Right to Discriminate Act

Legislating bathrooms

Blocking universal background checks on gun sales and other gun violence prevention measures

We don’t have a Walkeresque wall between Minnesota and Canada yet, but there are still a few weeks left of the legislative session.

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