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Minnesota Chamber Federation Backs Transportation, Transit.


Today, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Federation sent a letter to legislators lauding them for their efforts to pass a “new, long-term funding package for Minnesota’s
transportation infrastructure.”

We’re assuming these letters were sent to everyone in the legislature, and not just Democrats, but Republicans certainly don’t deserve any thanks for their efforts so far to shift money from schools and healthcare in order to put a band-aid on our transportation infrastructure and “starve” the general fund.

The Chamber letter urges lawmakers to fund a long-term transportation plan this year, including transit.

“We strongly believe that a comprehensive transportation funding package must include the state’s transit needs.”

The business community has long supported transit investment, but the State Chamber has continued its support of Republicans who are anti-transit. Despite this added pressure from their traditional allies, it seems unlikely that Republicans will change their tune on transit, or finding a long-term, sustainable funding source to dedicate to roads and bridges.

Last week, Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown/Zimmerman/Stanford Township) told WCCO’s Chad Hartman, “It will be a failure if we don’t get [a transportation bill] accomplished.”

Speaker Daudt is right – it will be – and it’s unlikely Minnesotans will let Republicans off the hook if they don’t follow through on one of their biggest campaign promises.

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