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STATEMENT: After weeks of GOP inaction, Governor Dayton and Senate DFL strike a compromise to benefit Minnesota’s future….

ST. PAUL – The 2016 Minnesota legislature has adjourned.

Joe Davis, Executive Director at ABM, released the following statement:

“For the last two years, Republicans chose to put their corporate backers first, spending time on an agenda to benefit corporations and the wealthy instead of all Minnesotans. Thankfully, after weeks of GOP inaction and misplaced priorities, Governor Dayton and DFL leaders were able to strike a compromise to continue on a path toward a better future for everybody.

“Unfortunately, in the final minutes of session, House Republicans showed one more time their aversion to compromise and adjourned before passing a final bonding proposal. After weeks of inaction on bonding and other key issues, it’s no surprise that they decided passing this bill to invest in infrastructure, transportation and statewide improvements wasn’t important. Now, Speaker Daudt is saying he’s open to a special session, just minutes after adjournment. It seems he spent this session, right down to the end, trying to blame others and avoid his responsibilities as a legislative leader.

“Republicans will be eager to start campaigning in their districts on the merits of this session. However, their record shows that they prioritized a Trump-like agenda that focused on tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy, restricting women’s healthcare access, and denying that issues like climate change are a concern for Minnesota’s future.

“Thanks to Governor Dayton and leaders in the DFL Senate and House for working to prioritize a better future for all Minnesotans, not just the wealthy.”


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