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Where's the Republican Bonding bill?


Republicans have yet to put forward a Capital Investment (bonding) bill to invest in statewide infrastructure, which normally happens the second year of each biennium.

Last week, Republican Capital Investment Committee Chair Paul Torkelson (R-Hansa) called the non-existent bonding bill “dessert,” implying it isn’t a necessity.

I wonder if Minnesotans, who have thus far footed the bill for two years of taxpayer funded bonding committee excursions and per diem, would agree with his sentiment?

Republicans have little to show for their two years in charge of the House, and seem content to have spent their time working on things like defunding Planned Parenthood and passing tax breaks for big corporations instead of an agenda to benefit all Minnesotans.

I think Minnesotans would like to have their cake 7 layer bar and eat it too Рmeaning they expect Republican legislators to do their job instead of deciding which parts of a functioning government they can ignore a little while longer.

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