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Americans are Coming Together to #DisarmHate.

The Orlando shooting is a tragedy.¬†Unfortunately – for now – it’s just the most recent example of the epidemic of gun violence in America.


The shooting is the deadliest in modern American history, but also a hate crime and an act of terrorism, perpetrated by a dangerous person who had been under investigation by the FBI who never should have had access to a gun.

But he did. And now 50 people are dead and 53 are injured. Countless others are scared for their own safety, the safety of their friends, family and neighbors, and for the future of our country.

Gun violence in America too often includes hate crimes and acts of terrorism. Hate crimes and acts of terrorism in America too often involve the use of guns. Strengthening our gun safety laws and closing loopholes in the background check system will help prevent lethal hate crimes and acts of terrorism.

In the aftermath of Orlando, Americans are joining together to demand safety. Senate Democrats filibustered for nearly 15 consecutive hours this week, until Republican leaders agreed to hold votes on two gun violence prevention measures.

Minnesotans can be proud of Senators Franken and Klobuchar, who both spoke to the need for change to make our country a safer place.

Gun rights come with responsibilities. Together, we can demand a change in the conversation surrounding guns in America, we can #DisarmHate, and we can work to curb the epidemic of gun violence that has taken over our country.

Join Us.