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Minnesota [Not] Nice: Local Republicans Join the Trump Train.


This morning, Speaker Daudt (R-Crown/Stanford Township/Zimmerman), the highest ranking Republican in the state, said that Donald Trump is great for the Minnesota Republican Party.

His words of support for the candidate known for offensive rhetoric come just one day after Representative Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) penned a racially-charged opinion piece in the Star Tribune outlining, “How to Interact with Police.” He later defended his stance by saying, “I’ve got relatives that are black. I’ve gone to five different mission trips in the jungle. I spent big money helping women adopt black kids from Africa.”

Ali Jimenez-Hopper, the Republican candidate for State House in Apple Valley, also shares Trump’s troubling views. A recording surfaced yesterday of her attacking her Democratic opponent for being lgbt and half black in order to garner the support of her Republican peers.  Today, the Senate District 57 Republicans defended Ali’s comments.

Unfortunately, Minnesota Republicans have a lot in common with Donald Trump. Instead of denouncing his offensive statements, they’re boarding the Trump train and looking to divide Minnesotans. The Party is so unified that the Minnesota co-chair for the Trump campaign said today that, “Speaker Daudt will be a tremendous champion for our shared message in Cleveland, and across Minnesota.”

That shared message is one of hate, bigotry, misogyny, and division.

Our elected officials should be working toward a better future for all Minnesotans, not just some.

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