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Misplaced Priorities: The House Republican Anti-choice Agenda.

During this year’s legislative session, Minnesota House Republicans introduced six anti-choice bills while ignoring efforts to improve women’s health and the lives of working families.

Misplaced Priorities Anti-Choice

Anti-choice efforts included attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and to make it a felony for medical professionals to perform abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. These and other anti-choice bills introduced by conservatives would restrict women from making their own health care decisions and deny access to contraceptives, birth control, family planning, and other important health services.

While House Speaker Kurt Daudt is proud that “100 percent” of House Republicans are anti-choice, 69 percent of Minnesota voters do not share their views.

House Republicans wasted time during the legislative session on these anti-choice efforts instead of focusing on priorities like transportation and bonding. Now, there will likely be a special session in order to complete the work that should have been done during the regular session.

While they may get a special session to “fix” things, House Republicans can’t hide their misplaced priorities, including their focus on an anti-choice agenda to restrict women’s healthcare access.

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