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Speaker Daudt Can't Deny His Ties to Trump.

Daudt Trump Marionette

Last week, Speaker Daudt was interviewed by MPR News and was asked about his support for Donald Trump.

He replied, “I’m not paying a whole lot of attention to what’s going on at the federal level.”

That’s especially interesting since he’s a delegate to the Republican National Convention, less than a month away, where he will cast his vote for his choice for the nominee. Also, as Minnesota’s highest ranking Republican, Daudt’s views on Trump are important.

Recently, he came under fire for saying that Trump will be good for the Minnesota Republican Party. Similarly, the Minnesota Trump campaign chair said, “Speaker Daudt will be a tremendous champion for our shared message in Cleveland, and across Minnesota.”

Daudt and his Republican colleagues have pursued a harmful, Trump-like agenda that showcases that “shared message.”

Minnesotans deserve better. Instead of divisive, Trump-style politics, we deserve leaders that will unite us, and work to build a better future for all.

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