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Special Session Stalemate: How GOP inaction led us here.

ss stalemate

Yesterday, Governor Dayton met briefly with Speaker Daudt (R-Crown/Zimmerman/Stanford Township) and other leaders to discuss a possible special session to fix the multitude of unfinished business from the legislative session. The meeting was brief, and nothing will move forward until they all meet again next Wednesday.

Republicans spent time on things like defunding planned parenthood and legalizing blaze pink as a hunting color during the regular session, but didn’t start working on (or even unveiling) their proposals on real priorities like taxes or bonding until the eleventh hour, when they finally changed their tune about wanting to compromise. Then, they adjourned before passing the final bonding bill and immediately started casting blame.

Earlier this week, Governor Dayton pocket vetoed the tax bill due to a $101 million drafting error. Republicans are upset, but if it weren’t for their inaction for weeks during the regular session, the bill wouldn’t have been rushed, and it would likely be law.

As it stands, House Republicans haven’t delivered on their two biggest campaign promises: taxes and transportation.

Whether or not there’s a special session, their inaction and unwillingness to put the needs of all Minnesotans first has led us to a failed legislative session and a special session stalemate.

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