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STATEMENT: Daudt and Minnesota Republicans Should Denounce Trump’s Divisive Rhetoric.

ST. PAUL – More Minnesota Republican officials are falling in line with presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, but there’s still time for Speaker Daudt and other high ranking Republicans to denounce his hateful comments.

Joe Davis, Executive Director at ABM, released the following statement:

“Donald Trump has bullied his way to the top of the Republican ticket by offending Muslims, Latinos, Mexicans, women, the LGBT community and countless other Americans and Minnesotans. It is tragic that someone so hateful has taken over the Republican Party, but it also shows the unfortunate direction that they have been headed a long time.

“Minnesota Republicans – including Speaker Daudt – share many of Trump’s toxic views and have shown so through their extreme legislative priorities like limiting access to women’s healthcare and voting against marriage equality. Donald Trump’s brand of divisive, offensive politics has no place in our state, and it’s disturbing that Minnesota Republicans are lining up behind him and his hateful views.

“Minnesotans deserve leaders that will unite us and work to build a better future for all.”


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