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RNC Rhetoric Isn't Minnesota Nice.

It’s official: Republicans have chosen Donald Trump as their nominee for the President of the United States.


This year’s Republican National Convention (RNC) has made it very clear that the GOP is focused on appealing to radically conservative views, not everyday Americans. Along with the controversial nominee, the 2016 Republican platform has been called one of the most extreme in recent memory by the New York Times, with passages calling to overturn marriage equality, limit reproductive rights, and deny climate change.

For a state that secured marriage equality three years ago, prioritizes environmental protection, and holds our ‘Minnesota nice’ values close, these views are not the right fit for Minnesota. Yet Congressman Emmer and a hoard of Minnesota conservatives including House Speaker Kurt Daudt are in attendance.

Republicans in Minnesota, like those in Washington and on the RNC stage, have consistently chosen division over compromise. The 2016 Minnesota legislative session is a prime example of the GOP being a barrier to progress – they blocked paid family leave, common sense gun reforms like background checks, introduced bills to defund Planned Parenthood, and additionally, their inaction has led us to a potential special session.

Conservatives, whether on the stage in Cleveland or in the Capitol in St. Paul, have chosen a path of divisive rhetoric that would take us backward. A better future is one where everybody has the opportunity to succeed, not just a few. Republicans don’t get that, but luckily, Minnesota Democrats do.

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