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Republican Inaction: A Walk Down Memory Lane.

Republican Inaction

When Republicans took control of the Minnesota House in 2015, they kicked off two years of gridlock and inaction.

During the 2015 legislative session, Republicans failed to pass a final transportation or tax bill, despite running on big promises to do both. They passed a series of “lights on” bills and forced a special session to finish their work.

Last fall, thousands of Iron Range steelworkers were idled, but Speaker Daudt said they could wait for help. They waited months to extend unemployment benefits to the laid off workers.

And during the 2016 legislative session, we saw more of the same: House Republicans focusing on extreme priorities like restricting women’s healthcare, rolling back marriage equality, and preventing common sense gun violence prevention legislation rather than moving forward on crucial issues like transportation and bonding bills.

Now, there’s a pending special session so they can finish their work for the second year in a row. Instead of showing signs of change, however, Speaker Daudt has been dragging his feet to compromise, and shooting off-hand insults toward Governor Dayton.

Working together and coming up with solutions shouldn’t be an afterthought- it should be expected. But House Republicans have little to show for their two years in charge. Minnesotans deserve leaders who will work to make government more accountable to all of us, and build a better future for everybody, instead of digging in their heels for a select few.

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