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Senator Klobuchar Stands Up to Big Pharma.

Big Pharma

Recently, news broke that the cost of EpiPens has skyrocketed from $100 for a two-pack in 2009 to nearly $600 today.

EpiPens are well-known medical devices used to inject individuals suffering from severe allergic reactions with life-saving medication. For families who rely on EpiPens, they have no choice but to pay the astronomical costs.

Minnesotans know that this type of greed from Big Pharma just isn’t right.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, whose daughter suffers from a life-threatening allergy, is leading the charge for an investigation into Mylan, the company that manufactures EpiPens. Students at the University of Minnesota have also been developing an alternative to the EpiPen that they hope is more affordable for individuals with life-threatening allergies.

It’s a good thing we have elected officials like Senator Klobuchar to fight against Big Pharma and corporate interests on behalf of families in Minnesota and across the nation.

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