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Trump Forgotten by Minnesota Republicans.

No Trump on Ballot

On Thursday morning, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon released the official ballot of presidential candidates, including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and candidates from the Constitution Party, Legal Marijuana Now, the Socialist Worker’s Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Independence Party.

There was a notable absence: Donald Trump.

Keith Downey, chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, chalked up the oversight to an issue of “paperwork,” as he was unaware of the Minnesota statute requiring parties to finalize their electors.

The issue has since been corrected thanks to our gracious Secretary of State, but this incident exposes the disarray we’ve come to expect from Minnesota Republicans: whether it’s submitting presidential paperwork or bills with minutes to spare, they can’t even follow the rules they’ve set for themselves. Minnesotans should be shaking their heads at the lack of leadership coming from Minnesota Republicans.

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