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Education Funding in Minnesota at Risk Under Trump Presidency.


Donald Trump is once again proposing to make drastic cuts or completely eliminate the U.S. Department of Education. At a recent campaign stop in Florida, the Republican presidential nominee stated that the department is in for “big league” reductions if he is elected president.

Trump’s “billionaires-first” tax plan could mean more than 8 million low-income students would lose millions of dollars for college. Additionally, Trump’s proposal would eliminate 490,000 teacher positions. That comes out to 14 percent of K-12 public teachers nationwide. 14 percent!

But what does this mean for Minnesota? According The Center for American Progress Action Fund’s (CAPAF) new analysis Trump’s proposals would result in 6,718 teacher jobs lost, creating an expected impact on 106,149 students across the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota can’t afford to lose education funding in return for tax cuts for the corporations and the wealthy. We have made a commitment to high-quality education in our state, with these investments resulting in Minnesota being a top state for businesses and families.

Now is not the time for education cuts in Minnesota and now is not the time for Trump-style economics that benefit corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the rest of of us.

Join Us.