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A good reminder to keep tabs on the political activity in your community.

A few days ago, a Jim Knoblach (R – St. Cloud) flyer popped up on Campaign Detective, touting the endorsement of Steve Wenzel. Wenzel was a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention, and is a diehard Trump supporter. It’s no wonder he also supports Knoblach, who shares many of Trump’s misguided views; like wanting to defund Planned Parenthood and limit women’s access to healthcare, opposing common sense background checks, opposing raising the minimum wage, and denying climate change.


The more folks across Minnesota use Campaign Detective, the more we can all see what information is being put forward from candidates across the state. Without Campaign Detective, we wouldn’t know that Knoblach is touting the support of an extreme Trump delegate.

New to Campaign Detective? It’s easy to use. You can submit any type of campaign communication you’re seeing in your part of Minnesota so that others can see what’s going on too. Text DETECTIVE to 30644 from your mobile device or check out

With Campaign Detective, it’s easier to keep tabs on the false and negative attacks coming from the other side. We hope you’ll use it.


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