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Hypocritical HRCC/MNGOP Attack DFLers for Records Cleaner Than Speaker Daudt's.

Speaker Daudt’s time in Minnesota politics has been riddled with controversy. He’s been arrested with a family friend in Montana who pulled a gun when a used car sale went wrong,  his recent driving record includes four moving violations and two license suspensions for failure to pay fines, and it was revealed earlier this year that he was late on paying his taxes and has a history of unpaid debts that were resolved with the help of a lobbyist.

Yet the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) – headed up by Daudt – and the MNGOP are attacking Democratic candidates for things far less shocking than some of Daudt’s own offenses in an attempt to hold their House majority. Other Republicans who are backed by the HRCC and MNGOP including Rep. Sarah Anderson (Plymouth) and Tim Miller (Prinsburg) have been convicted of similar driving offenses.

Here’s a recent mailer the HRCC/MNGOP sent against a Democratic candidate, slightly modified to fit Speaker Daudt’s own record:


If Republicans think Democratic candidates should be disqualified for driving offenses and personal finances, then shouldn’t Speaker Daudt be disqualified too?


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