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Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund: Minnesota Republicans Own Trump’s Agenda.

ST. PAUL – Donald Trump announced he’ll make a campaign stop in Minnesota at 2:00 PM on Sunday to rally Republican voters.

Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund (ABMAF) Executive Director Joe Davis released the following statement:

“This entire election cycle, Minnesota Republicans have been trying to pick and choose which places to support or not support Donald Trump. We see that in multiple districts, the MNGOP has printed sample ballots that exclude him due to his unpopularity in many areas of our state. By sharing an agenda with Donald Trump – including limiting women’s healthcare access, denying climate change, opposing common sense background checks, and putting corporate special interests first – Minnesota Republicans don’t get to tout him in some areas and run away from him in others. When he hits the tarmac at our airport tomorrow, remember that he embodies the same vision as the Minnesota Republican Party and their candidates. Minnesota voters will reject Trump’s divisive and hateful agenda on Tuesday, and that agenda is also owned by Minnesota Republicans.”


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