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What Does the 2016 Election Mean for Minnesota?


Last week’s election results have left many Americans feeling worried, frustrated, and powerless. Donald Trump has been elected president, and this means disastrous things for our country and our fellow Americans.

Here in Minnesota, things are a little different. We joined the majority of voters in rejecting Donald Trump, and we also sent all of our progressive congressional incumbents back to Washington, D.C. Republicans now control the state legislature, but we can still count on Governor Dayton to stand up for all Minnesotans – including those being targeted by Donald Trump and his supporters.

While the last few days have been a time for us to dive deep into our feelings of despair, we can’t forget that we must keep fighting. We lost this election, but we haven’t lost our resolve to fight for the values we share and the better future we want for all Minnesotans.

So what comes next?

Right now on (a platform for organizing in our communities), there are people organizing to expand voting rights, to protect choice, and to keep fighting for progressive change. You can join them, or start your own campaign right now.

One thing is for certain: Minnesotans must hold extreme conservatives at all levels of government accountable, and we must stay focused on our goal of expanding opportunities for everyone.

So join us as we put this election behind us and focus on the work we can do to keep making progressive change, together.

Join Us.