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Trump's Cabinet is Shaping up to Be a Disaster.



Donald Trump’s cabinet selection is turning into a reality television show (not shocking). Here’s an abbreviated list:

Tom Price: Trump has named Rep. Tom Price as his nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price is a leading opponent of the Affordable Care Act and an advocate of ending Medicare as we know it. In addition to raising the eligibility age and ending the defined benefits that so many depend on, Price opposes insurance coverage for contraception, stating he doesn’t know “one woman” who can’t afford birth control.

Jeff Sessions: We already knew that Donald Trump was a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic bully, but now he’s filling his cabinet with unqualified appointees who think just like he does.
Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is his pick for Attorney General. Sessions is a vocal opponent of the Voting Rights Act, and has a long history of bigotry – so much that he was rejected a federal judgeship by a Republican-controlled Senate in 1986. He once said he thought the KKK “was OK until I found out they smoked pot.” Sessions could roll back decades of civil rights progress as our nation’s top law enforcement official.

Betsy DeVos: She’s Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education and is a Michigan billionaire who helped to create Detroit’s failed charter school system. DeVos attended a private high school, a Christian college, and didn’t even send her own children to public school. She’s been a disaster for schools in Michigan, and she could be a disaster for schools nationwide.

Ben Carson: He’s a failed Republican presidential candidate who thinks Joseph built the pyramids to store grain. Trump has named him head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), because…well…because. The Obama administration has made big gains to integrate America’s neighborhoods, and these gains are now in Ben Carson’s hands.

Steve Mnuchin: He’s Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary and his former campaign finance chairman. Mnuchin is a former Wall Street banker who benefited from preying on families facing foreclosure after the housing crash, and was an executive producer of the movies American Sniper and Batman v. Superman (the one with Ben Affleck – this isn’t a joke). Mnuchin was heavily involved in crafting Trump’s tax proposals, which could add trillions to the deficit and would benefit corporations and the wealthy far more than average Americans.

There are many more positions to fill, but for now, learn more about these and Trump’s other Cabinet picks here.

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