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Philip Morris is coming for your lungs, and your tax dollars.


In the newest edition of “What Happens When Republicans Control the State Budget,” Republicans in the legislature are again considering millions of dollars in tax giveaways to tobacco corporations.

The Star Tribune reported today that tobacco companies spent at least $486,000 trying to influence Minnesota politics and government in 2016 and the first part of 2017. One group in particular, Philip Morris – maker of the Marlboro cigarette brand – has spent over $100,000 to help elect Republicans to the Legislature.

If Republicans actually cared about Minnesotans, they’d be working to ensure that all Minnesota kids have access to a quality education, expand access to healthcare for rural Minnesotans, and make sure that students can go to college without being crushed by loan debt. But they’ve proven once again that they’re more concerned with their corporate campaign contributors than the people of Minnesota.

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