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10 Times Al Franken Kicked A$$ to Stop Trumpcare.

As Republicans scramble to ram through their disastrous Trumpcare bill, Senator Al Franken is once again stepping up to bat for Minnesotans. He’s not afraid to call Republicans out on this monstrous bill and to let people know exactly how downright terrible Trumpcare is for all of us– it will take away coverage from millions of children and up healthcare costs for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans.

In honor of Al’s efforts, we present to you 10 times that he kicked a$$ to stop Trumpcare.

1.  That time he told Republicans the truth about their disastrous healthcare bill

2.  When he called out Republicans for introducing a crap healthcare bill after having so much time to bring something better to the table





3.  When he went on Morning Joe and told them that Minnesotans know this bill is cruel 

4.  When he said Minnesotans deserve better

5.  The time he blasted the 13 Republican senators for meeting, and creating, this bill in secret 

6.  The time he went on a Twitter storm about how the Republicans’ healthcare bill is just downright mean

7.  The time he took to Facebook to remind us that we can stand for something we believe in

8.  When he hosted a townhall in Bloomington and told Minnesotans just how Trumpcare would affect us 

Senator Franken can’t do this on his own, it’ll take all of us together to make sure this bill doesn’t pass. Call Senator Franken and tell him you stand with him urge him to continue fighting this bill.

Senator Al Franken: (651) 221-1016


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