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Three Questions You Should Be Asking Before Comey's Historic Hearing.

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey (the guy who Trump fired) will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in what may be the biggest hearing since Watergate. This is not a drill, folks, this is the real deal.

Unsurprisingly, Minnesota Republicans have been silent on the Comey proceedings, but we’ve got questions.

Here are the three questions you should be asking Republicans:

Why have you been silent?

U.S. House Representatives Tom Emmer and Jason Lewis and Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Daudt were vocal in their support for Trump, but have remained silent on the Comey investigation. Are they afraid of voicing an opinion?

Do you agree with Trump demanding Comey’s loyalty?

Donald Trump was unwilling to accept the former FBI Director’s promise of honesty and demanded his loyalty. As loyal Trump supporters, do Reps. Emmer, Paulsen, Lewis, and Daudt agree with Trump that that’s an appropriate demand?

Are you loyal to Trump or will you demand honesty for Minnesotans?

Will Reps. Emmer, Paulsen, Lewis, and Daudt do what’s right, and demand honesty for Minnesotans, or what is easy, and choose to remain loyal to Trump–just like they always have?

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