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5 Dumbest Things Keith Downey Has Done.

Look, we’ve told you before that Keith Downey isn’t the most honest guy in the room.  As the former Minnesota Republican chairman and previous Edina-area representative, he’s got some history–and it’s not promising. He’s a political hypocrite and after dropping the book on his deputy on his way out the door, he’s decided it would be a good idea to run for governor of Minnesota.


Even though his announcement found him surrounded by his most rabid supporters (see Picasso-esque proof below), we felt the need to talk about the elephant in the room.

Despite his constant reiteration of his “outsider status” which, presumably, was done more to convince himself than anyone present, Keith Downey has consistently supported policies and politicians that would negatively impact average Minnesotans.

Let’s break it down.

Top 5 Dumb Things Keith Downey Has Done

5.  He supports Donald Trump.

4.   He voted to shut down the state in 2011 to protect lower tax rates on the wealthiest 2% of Minnesotans and tax loopholes for corporations.

3.  He is against equal pay for equal work. Let’s not forget, there was the time he sponsored a bill allowing employers to pay women less than men for doing the same job.

Like hello? What is this, the middle ages?

2.  He voted to allow insurance companies to deny Minnesotans healthcare coverage for things like mammograms and maternity care.

1.    And finally, he proposes cutting 15% of every area of the state budget, which would result in an almost $3 billion ($2,813,267,700 if you’re curious) reduction in funding for the youngest Minnesotan learners.

Basically, Keith Downey is deluded enough to think that the former chair of the MN GOP can call himself a political outsider, and we can’t believe he thinks he’s qualified to be governor.  His beliefs and past political work would harm Minnesotans–from mothers to children, no holds barred.

His campaign slogan may be “I believe in you,” but we Minnesotans don’t believe in him.


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