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7 Times Ilhan Omar Kicked A$$ on the Daily Show.

Last night, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar was featured on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. And boy oh boy was it worth watching. In case you missed it, here are top 7 times that Ilhan kicked ass on the Daily Show!

1.  When, as a past refugee, a Somali, a Muslim, as a woman, and as a Representative, she inspired us all


2.  When she reminded us just how hard it is for refugee’s to come to America

3.  When she reminded us how lucky we are to be citizens and how we need to fight for the right’s of those who aren’t

4.  When she said, “This country gave us hope. This country allowed us to develop our own identity and to create our own home and we shouldn’t look down on the next person that’s trying to do that.”

5.  When she reminded us that anything a man can do, a woman can do, too.

6.  When she was the bigger person and told us how she’d invited Trump to Minnesota

7.  When she showed us that she’s the kind of Representative Minnesota is honored to have               

Bonus: When she snagged that selfie with Trevor

Basically, Rep. Ilhan Omar is the cat’s meow, and she’s kicking some major ass on (and off) screen.  Want to see the whole video? Watch it here and tweet us YOUR favorite moments @ABetterMN  

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