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Voters Already Rejected Keith Downey And Will Again.


News from Alliance for a Better Minnesota

July 24, 2017

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Voters Already Rejected Keith Downey And Will Again

Alliance For a Better Minnesota responds to gubernatorial announcement

ST. PAUL – The Alliance for a Better Minnesota released the following statement today regarding Keith Downey’s announcement to run for Governor of Minnesota.

“Minnesotans voted Keith Downey out of state government years ago for having the wrong priorities for our state and his newest attempt at elected office will be another failure,” said Joe Davis, executive director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “Downey has shown time and again that he doesn’t value Minnesotans and that he’ll continue to push the Republican agenda of putting big corporations over hardworking families.”

Downey was a vocal supporter of and voted for Donald Trump. During his time as State House Representative, he shut down Minnesota’s government to protect a tax break for big corporations, voted to let insurance companies deny Minnesotans health coverage, and sponsored a bill that would allow employers to pay women less than men for the same job.


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