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Osmek is the Wrong Choice for Minnesota’s Governor.


News from Alliance for a Better Minnesota

August 22, 2017

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Osmek is the Wrong Choice for Minnesota’s Governor

Alliance For a Better Minnesota responds to gubernatorial announcement

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota released the following statement today regarding Senator David Osmek’s announcement to run for Governor of Minnesota.

“Dave Osmek has consistently embraced the same type of dangerous, offensive rhetoric as the Trump administration, which has contributed to the racist, hate fueled violence that we are seeing acted out in our state and country today,” said Joe Davis, executive director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “The last thing Minnesotans want is more divisive, extremist conservatives who will continue to tear apart our communities and prevent us from working together to build a Minnesota where we all prosper.”

If Osmek thinks it is acceptable to refer to any part of Minnesota as “the belly of the beast” like he did at an event with David Horowitz in 2016, then he clearly is not fit to lead our state.


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