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Steve Simon Refuses to Give in to Trump’s Bogus Commission.

Secretary of State Steve Simon said he wasn’t going to give away Minnesotans’ personal voter information to Trump once before. Now he’s making it official by formally denying a voter info request from Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, and for six good reasons:

  1. The Commission arose out of President Trump’s baseless and irresponsible claim of massive voter fraud.
  2. The leadership of the Commission is unfairly slanted.
  3. The membership of the Commission is not meaningfully bipartisan.
  4. The Commission seems headed toward pre-determined outcomes.
  5. The Commission seems poised to use sensitive voter data in methodologically unsound ways.
  6. The Commission is turning attention away from the cyber-security issues that are the biggest threat to election integrity.

So thanks Steve Simon, for continuing to stand up to the Trump administration and look out for the best interests of Minnesotans.

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