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Here’s how you can help your fellow Minnesotans when it’s dangerously cold.

Minnesotans are tough, and we’re used to rough winters But when the windchill dips down to -60, the coldest some Minnesotans have seen in their lifetimes, that’s dangerous, deadly cold. That’s why it’s important to look out for our fellow Minnesotans this week, and do our best to keep everyone warm and safe.

Across the state, organizations are coming together to provide resources and shelter so nobody has to face the cold alone. Here’s how you can support them:

In the Twin Cities

With 40 years of experience helping young people transition out of homelessness, YouthLink MN is a great resource for those in need of shelter. This week, YouthLink will remain open 24 hours a day as a warming station for young Minnesotans (16-24) in need of a safe place to escape the cold. You can donate to support their work here.

St. Stephen’s Human Services, one of the Twin Cities’ most trusted organizations, will be performing daily welfare checks around the metro and keeping their Clinton Avenue Shelter open around the clock. You can help by donating cash, winter items, or by volunteering.

The Hennepin and Ramsey County Sheriff’s offices are collaborating with local organizations to help Minnesotans off the cold streets and into safe shelter. They are requesting donations of winter clothing and non-perishable food that can be dropped off at any of 6 drop off sites.

In the Duluth area

In Duluth, the Damiano Center provides warm meals and clothes to Minnesotans in need, no questions asked. You can support them by making a cash donation, donating warm winter gear, or by volunteering to serve a meal. This week, a clothing donation will also earn you a discount to Trailfitters for something new for you too.

The recently opened City Center West warming center is open nightly this week for those in need of shelter.

In the Rochester area

The Homeless Community Network in Olmsted County has prepared a resource guide that includes resources for homeless Minnesotans, food shelves, free meals, and other assistance. Check with the organizations listed to see how you can help.

In the St. Cloud area

Visit the homeless shelter directory for St. Cloud to see a list of organizations helping those in need of shelter, and find out what you can do.


Churches and community organizations across the state are opening their doors to provide food, warm clothes, and temporary shelter in the extreme cold. Check with your local organizations and places of worship to see what they’re doing, and how you can help. Just a few dollars, a blanket, or a hot meal can do a world of good.

Because Minnesotans are tough, but we’re even tougher when we stick together.

Join Us.