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The election is over…now what?

Minnesota’s House and Senate have officially kicked off the 2019 legislative session. Last election, Minnesotans made a statement about the issues and priorities that matter most to us, and now is the time when our lawmakers come together to make the policy and budget decisions that affect our lives.

So what’s at stake?

For months, we’ve been hearing from Minnesotans about what matters to them: making sure every Minnesotan has access to quality, affordable health care and that every student can get a great education, no matter where they live. Minnesotans want good jobs, reliable transportation, healthy communities, and to feel safe at school and work. We can achieve these goals together, but they won’t happen without all of us continuing to speak up.

This session also falls on a budget year, which means that this year, the legislature has until May 20th to pass a balanced, two-year budget. And while Democrats took the House by a wide margin last year, Republicans still hold a majority in the Senate, so nothing is guaranteed. We need to make sure our voices are heard and that our elected leaders put hardworking Minnesotans and our families first.

Today, the House DFL introduced their first round of bills to strengthen our communities and create opportunities for all Minnesotans. Their priorities match those of Minnesota families, and we need to hold conservatives accountable to those same values.

Luckily, there are lots of ways that you can stay involved during the legislative session. Find out who represents you in the House and Senate and how to contact them. Keep up with ABM on Facebook and Twitter for updates about the session and let us know what issues matter most to you here. Together, we’ll keep Minnesota progressive and work toward policies and priorities that benefit hardworking Minnesotans, regardless of where we live or where we’re from.

Join Us.