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Thank you, Governor Dayton!

As Governor Mark Dayton leaves office after 8 years as Governor of Minnesota, we asked Minnesotans to sign a card thanking him for his work to build a Better Minnesota. Hundreds of Minnesotans responded. Here’s what just a few of them had to say…


Governor Dayton,

Thank you for your leadership and for all the causes you implemented and supported. Your leadership, generosity and kindness will be missed. Enjoy the next chapters of your life! You’ve earned it!




Thank you Governor Dayton for all of your service and all you have done for the state of Minnesota -Best wishes for you going forward,




Thank you for standing up for the environment!




Thank you for your respect for all of your Minnesota constituents, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Governor. My mother was an immigrant from Finland Europe and she had the utmost honor for the philanthropy of the Dayton family. I hope we still will be able to see and hear from you in your retirement.


Silver Bay


Dear Governor Dayton,

Your devotion to serving all areas of our community has been appreciated in this time of political discord. Your focus and ability to adhere to your core beliefs has been inspiring. Thank you for your service; we are profoundly grateful.




Thank you Governor Dayton for standing firm and supporting education at all levels, especially for Minnesota’s youngest students. Education at the earliest ages is proven to be a sound investment in a child’s future!


St. Paul


Thank you, Governor Dayton for your courage, your wisdom and your perseverance. Your dedication to our State and its people is unprecedented in today’s world of self serving politicians. We are so blessed in Minnesota to have had you as our Governor during these turbulent times. Thank you and God bless.




Thank you for your persistent efforts to improve the lives of Minnesotans.




Thank you Mark Dayton Governor extraordinaire! You have worked tirelessly on numerous issues/agenda that were/are important to most Minnesotans. Just told my partner/wife over breakfast today that you’ve done the most for average Minnesotans in my lifetime of seventy years.

Many thanks for my benefit as well as our children, grandchildren and all future citizens. Have some fun now after your decades of public service.


Fergus Falls


Thank you for supporting Families, Educators and Early Childhood Education. I was a Early Childhood Teacher for almost 20 years and I see the value in early development but also giving families tools to help raise their children with the most positive manner they can. Hats off to YOU Sir


St. Peter


How lucky we Minnesotans have been to have you as our governor for the past 8 years!! Your commitment to our State has left us with better health care availability, better educational opportunities, and a State budget in great shape. Thank you for your decency, your leadership, and your dedication to making Minnesota an even better place for everyone who lives here!




Thanks for keeping Minnesota a progressive state. Thanks for being compassionate. I hope your years ahead are filled with health and peace.




Governor Dayton, you have shown the country how to lead with humanity, ethics, intelligence and fortitude despite the challenges of the past two years. You have worked for the needs of the common people and Minnesota has reaped the rewards of your efforts and those of your staff. I wish you much health and happiness in your retirement. Thank You for all you have done for Minnesota!




Thank you Governor Dayton for all your hard work making Minnesota a better place for all. You will be missed!




Thank you for all you have done to keep our state more ecologically responsible. Thank you for being a sound leader who cares about ALL people. Thank you for respecting the meaning of American Democracy and not catering only to special interests and the most wealthy. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!


Prior Lake


Thank for supporting science, education and the the environment. You did a great job as Governor and will be missed!




Gracias, Gobernador Dayton!


Saint Paul


Thank you Governor Dayton for having the interests of ALL Minnesotans at heart as you performed your duties and guided the decisions made that affected us in large and small ways. You have truly been a blessing to our state, and I will miss you very much.




Thank you for your dedicated years of service to the state of Minnesota! I appreciated you working for all of us, not just a chosen few. You saved our state from financial despair after Gov. Pawlenty. You are the best! Wish you would have run again, but I understand you are having some health issues, and I wish you the very best in the future….you deserve to have some fun! Thank you again!!!




Thank you Governor Dayton for visiting the Leech Lake Reservation. You impressed many people by doing this. I only wish you could have stayed our Governor. Thanks for finding the time to work across the many lines that you found the time for. Good luck to you. And many Mii gwiches




You did a great job Governor. Wish you well as you retire.




Thank you Governor for all of your steadfast, strategic, compassionate and deliberate support of Minnesotans including my daughter and myself. I believe that history will show you to be one of the most accomplished and finest Governor’s in Minnesota history. Thank you.




Governor Mark Dayton has spent the last 8 years building a better Minnesota. Let’s work together in 2019 to make sure that our state leaders continue his legacy of opportunity for all Minnesotans.

Join Us.