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Weekly WTF: This isn’t a game, Republicans.

The explosion of snowmelt potholes isn’t the only thing getting us down this week. Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature are at it again, failing to listen to what Minnesotans want and need. Here are the moments from the week that have us asking… WTF?

Even more attacks on safe, legal abortion

This week, Minnesota Republicans in the Senate moved through committee a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Not only is that ban unconstitutional, it’s dangerous, and adds insult to injury for women who are faced with the possibility of life-threatening complications.

Minnesotans like Tippy have the right to choose what’s best for themselves and their families, and doctors have the right do provide the best, most compassionate care for their patients. Why do Republicans continue to try to take those rights away?

A tank of gas, a cup of coffee, and… school funding?

Republicans are playing games with Minnesota school funding. Literally. While Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanagan are proposing historic investments in education, Minnesota Republicans want to leave it up to a lottery game. That’s right: if this bill passes, the scratch-off tickets you see under the counter when you’re checking out at the gas station could make or break funding for our kids’ schools.

Republicans need to understand that education is not a game, and it’s too important to leave to chance.

STILL blocking the gun violence prevention bills that Minnesotans want

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Minnesotans overwhelmingly support common-sense gun safety legislation. But Republicans are more concerned about appeasing the gun lobby than protecting our families from gun violence. While DFLers have authored bills to keep our communities safe, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said early on in the session that he would prevent any new gun safety laws from passing this session. Now, he’s apparently “put a hold” on any gun safety bill hearings.

Senator Gazelka: what do you have to lose by keeping Minnesotans safe?

If at first you don’t succeed…

Minnesota Republicans have tried this before: prevent local governments from enacting increased minimum wages or paid sick leave so corporations can pocket more profit while leaving workers behind. They failed last year when then-governor Mark Dayton vetoed the bill. Now, they’re at it again. Why are Republicans so desperate to prevent Minnesotans from earning fairer wages?

STILL blocking federal funding for election security

Every state in the country, except one, has fully authorized federal funding to ensure safe and secure elections. The only state that hasn’t yet, sadly, is Minnesota. Why? Because Republicans in the Minnesota Senate continue to create delays and shortchange our state. Secretary of State Steve Simon even detailed a 20-point plan for the federal funds, and senate Republicans are still sitting on their hands.

Safe and secure elections matter now more than ever. Why do Republicans keep standing in the way?

Failing to hold Trump accountable for healthcare cuts

Trump made some big promises on the campaign trail. He’s now failing to keep those promises, and Minnesotans could suffer the consequences. Trump’s budget includes cuts to social security and medicare, and some Minnesota Republicans might just let him get away with it.

Sign our petition and tell Minnesota’s Congressional Republicans to say no to Trump’s health care cuts.

Failing to apologize to Somali Minnesotans

Minnesota Republicans will try to spin any issue to push their hateful, divisive rhetoric. When a report about child care fraud was released last year, Republicans attacked Somali Minnesotans, and made baseless claims that this money was supporting overseas terrorist organizations. Now, a new report found no evidence to support these claims, and Minnesota Republicans have been radio silent.

Republicans: you owe our Somali friends and neighbors a big apology.

Whether it’s students, women, medicare users, or Somali communities, Republicans are leaving Minnesotans behind. We need to stand up and let them know what really matters to Minnesotans. Find out who represents you here.

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