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Hey Republicans: stop trying to turn us into Alabama.

We’re in the final stretch, Minnesotans. The legislative session is supposed to end this weekend, and there’s a lot left to do. While Minnesotans have been demanding affordable health care, great schools, and safer communities, Republicans have been playing games and refusing to come to the table. Here’s the worst of what they’ve been up to this week:

Bringing Alabama’s anti-choice measures to Minnesota

This week, Alabama passed an extreme, near-total abortion ban that would punish a woman who gets an abortion with 99 years in prison. It’s the most restrictive anti-choice measure passed in a state since Roe v. Wade, but it’s not the only bill of its kind making its way through state legislatures. Here in Minnesota, Republicans are STILL trying to radically restrict choice by banning abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant. That kind of extreme attack on our rights has no place in Minnesota, and Republicans need to stop trying to shame Minnesotans and their doctors for making the health care choices that are best for them.

Refusing to protect 1,000,000 Minnesotans’ health care

A million Minnesotans–farmers, working families, people with disabilities–rely on Minnesota’s Health Care Access Fund to get the affordable care they need. If Republicans get their way, this fund would be drained, putting care in jeopardy for many. This week, Minnesotans from all over the state gathered at the capitol to ask legislators to protect their care, but Republicans are still trying to let the provider tax that supports the Health Care Access Fund expire, with no alternative. Republicans are even walking away from constituents whose care would be affected.

STILL blocking gun violence prevention measures

Too many young people have already lost their lives to gun violence this year. That’s why 90 percent of Minnesotans, including gun owners and law enforcement leaders, support gun violence prevention measures to keep our schools and communities safer. Are Republicans listening? Nope. Instead, they’d rather hear from NRA lobbyists. Republicans need to understand: they were elected to serve Minnesotans, not the NRA.

STILL shortchanging our schools

Yep. After months of Minnesotans demanding investments in education, Republicans in the Senate are still proposing woefully inadequate funding for our schools. That could lead to teacher layoffs and cuts in programming for our students, and 4000 pre-k spots are at risk for next year. Young Minnesotans, teachers, and families deserve better.

We need to make a big final push if we’re going to get Republicans to do what’s best for Minnesotans.  Find out who represents you and let them know what really matters.

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