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Republican inaction is STILL leaving Minnesotans behind.

It’s down to the wire, Minnesotans. There’s little time left this session, and so much left to do. Apparently, Minnesota Republicans have had plenty of time to hang out with their buddy Scott Walker, but not enough to show up for Minnesotans. Here are the worst actions (well, mostly INactions) Republicans made this week:

Failing to call out Trump’s trade lies

The Trump administration made some big promises on the campaign trail about helping farmers, promises that they have not kept. In fact, soybean prices have dropped by 20% because of Trump’s trade wars and farm income is at its lowest in years. This week, when Vice President Mike Pence visited Minnesota, farmers took the opportunity to call him out. They let him know how the administration’s disastrous trade policies were affecting them, right to his face. Republicans, however, welcomed him with open arms and kept radio silent about how the administration has failed Minnesota’s farmers. Our farmers deserve better.

Failing to support paid family leave… and bragging about it

When Minnesotans are welcoming a newborn baby or a newly adopted child, we should be able to focus on helping our little ones grow and learn. When we’re caring for an ailing loved one, we should be able to give them our love and attention in their time of need. Worrying about how we’ll make ends meet throws a wrench in both of these scenarios. That’s why Minnesotans deserve paid family leave.

Unfortunately, Republicans in the senate have included ZERO dollars in their budget for paid family leave. And they’re bragging about it.

Republicans: failing to give Minnesotans the time they deserve with their loved ones isn’t something to brag about, and we deserve better.

STILL leaving our elections at risk

This week, we took a petition with over 350 signatures to the Capitol to deliver to Republican Senator Mary Kiffmeyer. After Republicans failed to show up time and time again for conference committee to hear from Minnesotans who care about election security, we thought we’d show her that, yes, it is a “big thing.

But even after hearing from hundreds of Minnesotans, Republicans like Senator Kiffmeyer are STILL refusing to authorize the full amount for safe and secure elections. Even worse, Minnesota is the only state that hasn’t authorized the full amount.

Putting LGBTQ youth in danger

Conversion therapy, “therapy” with the goal of changing a person’s sexuality or gender identity, is widely condemned by the medical community, and can have damaging and long lasting effects on those who undergo it. That’s why DFLers in the House and Senate have worked on legislation to ban the use of it on young and vulnerable Minnesotans. The House version passed, but Republicans–all Republicans–voted it down in the Senate. LGBTQ youth don’t need fixing, they need our love and support. Why are Republicans failing to keep young Minnesotans safe?

Underfunding our schools

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! While most of us are celebrating by thanking the teachers who made a difference in our lives, Republicans are celebrating by drastically underfunding Minnesota schools. Real classy, Republicans.

Republicans need to understand: we don’t have time for games. Minnesotans deserve action. Together, we need to stand up and let them know what really matters to Minnesotans. Find out who represents you here.

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