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Trump-Supporting Laura Loomer is in Minnesota.

Laura Loomer and Trump

This week, Trump has doubled down on his racist lies and attacks on Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. After string of hurtful tweets this weekend telling Rep. Omar to “go back” home, Trump watched in delight as his supporters chanted “send her back” about the Somali-American representative.

While DFLers have condemned Trump’s remarks, Republicans have refused to stand up to him. Republican representatives Jim Hagedorn, Tom Emmer, and Pete Stauber all voted AGAINST a measure to denounce Trump’s racism, and have failed to defend their Minnesotan colleague. Now, Trump ally and conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer is in Minnesota trying to divide us and spread even more fear and hate. 

For years, Loomer has relentlessly bullied Congresswoman Omar on social media, posting so many lies and islamaphobic attacks that Facebook and Twitter banned her from the platforms. She’s even gone so far as to show up at Congresswoman Omar’s house in an attempt to harass and intimidate her. 

Loomer’s racism and hate have no place in Minnesota, and her visit is just another attempt by Trump-supporting conservatives to spread fear and lies. 

We’re not buying it. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a Minnesotan and an American. She’s a hardworking mother and leader, and we’re proud to have her fighting for our Minnesota values in Washington.

We need to show Trump and Loomer that hate has no place in Minnesota. Sign our petition to stand with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and reject hate. Together, we’ll show Trump and conservatives that Minnesota is greater than fear. 

Join Us.