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Trump’s Gag Rule puts Minnesotans’ Health in Jeopardy.

Doctor meets with a patient and points at information on a computer

Trump can’t stop attacking Minnesotans’ health care. 

First, he tried to remove the protections that keep Minnesotans from being denied health coverage for a pre-existing condition (and is still trying). Now, he’s put in place a “gag rule” that could devastate Minnesotans’ access to affordable, accessible reproductive care. 

How? By messing with Title X. 

Title X is a federal fund that was established in 1970 to help Americans access affordable reproductive health care and family planning support. Here in Minnesota, 90 percent of patients who benefit from Title X get their care through Planned Parenthood. Trump’s new gag rule forbids health care providers who receive Title X funding, like Planned Parenthood, from discussing abortion options with their patients. 

That’s just plain wrong, and it’s an attack on medical ethics. When Minnesotans go to the doctor, we deserve to get all the information we need to make the best choices for our health. The American Medical Association agrees. One hundred and ten public health organizations agree. Planned Parenthood agrees. 

This restrictive “gag rule” forced Planned Parenthood, who had received Title X money for nearly 50 years, to withdraw from the program and suffer huge cuts. Without Title X, Planned Parenthood has lost critical funding that is used to provide cancer screenings, STI testing, contraception, and other basic preventative health services, and over 50,000 Minnesota patients will be affected. Doctors and public health experts from across Minnesota have stressed just how much this will hurt Minnesota patients. 

Trump’s gag rule deals an especially huge blow to Greater Minnesota communities, where Minnesotans have fewer options to get the reproductive care they need.

Trump is so concerned with shaming women and catering to his radical anti-choice buddies that he’s making it more difficult for Minnesotans to access the care they need. He’s wrong on health care, and his Republican allies in Congress like Rep. Jim Hagedorn and Rep. Pete Stauber are too. 

We have to fight back. Contribute $3 today and together we’ll work to hold conservatives accountable and defend accessible, affordable reproductive and family planning care in Minnesota.

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