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Millions are calling for climate action. Conservatives are still in denial.

Students and supporters rally in front of the Minnesota state capitol

This week, students and supporters in over 100 countries, including right here in Minnesota, marched for action on climate change. We saw their passion, and were called to action to create a better world for future generations. 

You might be wondering: what are your local elected leaders doing about this impending crisis?

Progressive champions in the legislature agree that we as humans are the key cause for climate change, and that we as humans need to do something about it. Governor Tim Walz has proclaimed Climate Week in Minnesota, vowing to take bold action to protect our state’s environment and grow a clean energy economy. 

What do the conservatives in the Minnesota House and Senate think?

Every single conservative in the Minnesota Senate voted to strike down an amendment that echoed the house language. Every. Single. One. 

Senator Osmek, the Chair of the Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy Committee, doesn’t believe the state needs an urgent agenda to address climate change at all. According to MinnPost, he said “Minnesota amounts to a small fraction of global emissions and questioned whether any new mandates to reduce carbon emissions would hamstring the state’s economy without a big enough payoff for the globe.” This is the head of the Senate committee saying we can’t do anything to solve the whole problem so why bother at all. 

Why do conservatives in the House and Senate care so little about the planet we’re going to leave for future generations?

So when you see coverage of people across the state, nation, and world coming together asking our leaders for change and action, remember who is fighting for you in your communities, and in Saint Paul.

Join Us.