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35,000 Minnesotans could soon struggle to access food. Here’s why.

Donald Trump scowling

When Trump comes to Minnesota this month, he’ll arrive to a state where thousands of families are worrying about how they’ll put food on the table because of his disastrous agenda. The Trump administration proposed a rule change that would kick 35,000 Minnesotans, including 18,000 Minnesota children, off the food assistance program SNAP: the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

In Minnesota, we look out for our neighbors. Leaving thousands of seniors, working families, and people with disabilities without the food assistance they depend on is cruel, and it’s not what Minnesota is about.

If Trump’s rule goes into effect, Minnesota will be one of nine states that are projected to see 15% or more of their SNAP recipients removed from the program. That’s unacceptable. 70 mayors throughout the United States, including two Minnesota mayors, have signed and sent a letter to the federal government asking for SNAP to be protected.

Conservatives are trying to spin the administration’s draconian measure as “fiscal responsibility”, but Minnesotans see right through that excuse. Why is it that the Trump administration can afford massive tax handouts for billionaire CEOs, but pinches pennies when it comes to making sure kids don’t go to school hungry? It’s nothing more than an attack on Minnesota families’ peace of mind. 

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