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Trump isn’t listening to Minnesotans on gun violence prevention.

Donald Trump scowling

Minnesotans are demanding action on gun violence, but every time something is close to getting done, Trump buckles.  A president should listen to the people they’re supposed to represent, not the National Rifle Association.

Here in Minnesota, progressives in the House was able to pass some gun safety measures, but were blocked in the conservative-controlled Senate. We need the conservatives to get on board and work to make Minnesota a safer state. It shouldn’t take mass shootings or high school students walking out of class in protest to get gun safety laws passed. Conservatives this past summer suggested holding hearings dedicated to informing advocates and lawmakers about what gun safety already exists. No matter how “informed” we are about gun safety, it doesn’t stop guns from getting into the wrong hands.

Conservatives and the NRA have Trump in their pockets. He backed away from taking action gun safety measures, due to the pressure they put on him. Minnesotans want safe communities and it’s our right to have concerns and want to demand action. We don’t need to be informed on gun safety, we need to be kept safe. Sign up to receive news and action alerts from ABM, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. 

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