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Trump’s disastrous record on health care.

Doctor meets with a patient and points at information on a computer

When we hear from Minnesotans about what issue matters to them, one stands out from the crowd: health care. And with good reason. When we go to fill our prescriptions or take our kids to the doctor, we want to know that we’ll get the care we need without breaking the bank. 

Unfortunately, Trump isn’t making that easy. He’s loaded his cabinet with big pharmaceutical company execs who made a career of gouging patients with the price of prescriptions, attacked Minnesotans’ access to reproductive care, and has broken his campaign promise to protect Medicare. 

And his attacks on the Affordable Care Act have been relentless. Right now, Minnesotans can’t be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or be charged more because of their gender. Trump has tried to take those protections away. That’s right: if Trump gets his way, Minnesotans could be denied coverage or charged more for having athsma, for being transgender, or even for being pregnant. 

Trump and his conservative buddies have threatened to force Minnesotans to go back to the old days, where Minnesotans living with pre-existing conditions (which, by the way, is like half of us) were forced into expensive, ineffective high-risk insurance pools.

We can’t let that happen. With Minnesota families struggling to afford their care and young Minnesotans dying because of big pharma greed, we have to fight back. Conservatives like Trump are in the pockets of pharmaceutical company CEOs and continue to force Minnesotans to take a back seat to profit. Sign up to receive news and action alerts from ABM, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. 

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