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Meet the Minnesota State Senator Working to Uplift Veterans.

Minnesota veterans have made major sacrifices in their service to our state and country, and deserve our support.

Progressive Minnesota State Senator Karla Bigham, the daughter of a sailor, the granddaughter of a soldier, and a member of the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy Committee, has been working to support Minnesota veterans since she was elected. She has facilitated public hearings that give service members an opportunity to shape state budget and policy that impacts their livelihoods. She’s worked to successfully dedicate $9 million for capital improvements at veterans homes, funding that goes towards keeping buildings safe, sturdy and dependable for current and future generations of Minnesotans who serve. She worked to set aside $32 million for the construction of three new veterans’ homes in areas of Minnesota where access remains a challenge. And she plans to introduce a new bill in the 2020 legislative session that would raise the personal needs allowance for economically disadvantaged residents at the Hastings and Minneapolis Veterans Homes beginning in 2021. 

Veterans in Minnesota deserve equitable access to care and services, regardless of their zip code, and Sen. Karla Bigham is one progressive who’s working to make sure that’s a reality.

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