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Trump and conservatives have no regard for Minnesotans’ health care.

Trump overlayed on an image of a doctor taking a person's blood pressure

Today is the start of health insurance open enrollment in Minnesota and around the country. It’s also a yearly reminder that the Trump administration has been failing Americans in regards to health care since he took office.

In addition to consistently trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and take away health care coverage from millions of Minnesotans, President Trump and his administration have waged a campaign to undermine and sabotage health insurance open enrollment.

One way the Trump administration has sought to undermine the ACA enrollment has been by cutting the open enrollment period from a 12-week span to the current six-week span. Multiple states are attempting to combat Trump’s ACA sabotage by extending their open enrollment period. Minnesota’s open enrollment period goes until December 23rd, giving Minnesotans an extra week or so to get enrolled. Minnesota isn’t the only state that is extending their open enrollment, like us, 7 other states have extended their periods. 

One of the main reasons states have had to resort to extending the open enrollment period is due to the fact that in 2018, the Trump administration cut the advertising budget for the ACA’s open enrollment period by 90 percent. This resulted in approximately 400,000 fewer people who signed up for health insurance during the 2019 open enrollment period than for 2018 coverage.

We can add strengthening health care to the long list of promises Trump made but didn’t keep.

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