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What Governor Walz’s State of the State address means for Minnesota.

Screenshot from Governor Walz's State of the State Address

Usually, when a governor gives a State of the State address, they deliver their speech from a podium in front of a packed house of legislators, reporters, and guests. Last night, however, Governor Tim Walz spoke directly to Minnesotans from a blue armchair at the Governor’s Residence while we watched and listened from the privacy of our homes.

This is our reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re isolated from one another and uncertain about the future, and it’s incredibly hard. But Governor Walz has shown us true leadership through this crisis, and his speech reminded us of Minnesota’s relentless strength and resolve through difficult times. We’ll get through this together, even while we’re apart.

In his 12-minute address, Governor Walz outlined how our state is supporting the health care professionals and other brave workers who are on the front lines of combatting COVID-19, and how Minnesota’s spirit of innovation is helping us to stay ahead of the curve. He spoke directly to educators, students, and parents as a former coach and teacher, offering a message of hope. He emphasized the important work of all Minnesotans who are staying home to stop the spread of the disease, saying “it’s not paralysis, it’s action.”

Governor Walz also shared stories of Minnesotans who are stepping up to help their neighbors. If you need a helping hand or want to know how you can support your communities, check out this list of resources available to Minnesotans affected by COVID-19.

Last night’s State of the State address reminded us that no matter how hard things get, we will persevere, because that’s what Minnesotans do.

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