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MN Conservatives’ Response to the Coronavirus: Protesting, Pushing Conspiracy Theories, and Playing Golf.

From the start, Minnesota conservatives’ response to the coronavirus has been a mess. And it’s been putting Minnesotans’ health and safety at risk.

Here’s why:

Rather than listening to experts and putting the health and safety of Minnesotans first, conservatives have spent their time protesting safety measures, pushing conspiracy theories, and…playing golf. 

That’s right, last week during a legislative committee hearing to discuss responses to the pandemic, conservative Senator Scott Jensen was caught golfing on camera.

Furthermore, Sen. Jensen has been pushing irresponsible conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. Multiple experts have said his conspiracy theories are false.

And Sen. Jensen isn’t the only Minnesota conservative who’s been spreading misinformation and acting irresponsibly during this crisis.

Rep. Mary Franson created a “COVID Memes” Facebook page filled with divisive, misleading posts and inaccurate information about the coronavirus. 

U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis, former Minnesota House Majority Leader Matt Dean, and Rep. Jeremy Munson joined with hundreds of Minnesota conservatives (encouraged by Donald Trump) to protest social distancing measures. And they didn’t even bother wearing masks or following social distancing guidelines. 

Here’s a maskless Rep. Jeremy Munson at one of the stay-at-home protests (right):

Thankfully, Minnesotas have the steady leadership of Gov. Walz during this crisis. As a result, we’re ranked highest in the nation for social distancing, number one in the country for bending the curve, and have one of the lowest death rates. And that’s why Minnesotans overwhelmingly approve of Walz’s response to the coronavirus.

What we need now is for Minnesota conservatives to listen to the experts, and stop pushing fear, division, and irresponsible ideas that put our lives at risk.

Join Us.