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Yep. Trump is still trying to gut our health care in a pandemic.

Trump overlayed on an image of a doctor taking a person's blood pressure

We all know someone living with a pre-existing condition, and thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Minnesotans can’t be denied insurance coverage because of it. But even in the middle of a global health crisis, Trump and his conservative buddies are stopping at nothing to take those protections away from millions of people, all so insurance and pharmaceutical companies can rake in more profit. 

Together, we’ve been working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen, and our fight has already made its way to the Supreme Court.  

Today, May 6, opening briefs will be submitted to the Supreme Court to reject Texas v. United States, the Trump-Republican lawsuit to overturn the ACA. Then, our health care is in the nine justices’ hands. 

Here’s what’s at stake:

  • Protections for Minnesotans pre-existing conditions. That’s over half of us. Before the ACA, we could be denied coverage for conditions as common as acne and pregnancy. Now, without the protections offered by the ACA, the uninsured rate could increase by 65 percent.
  • Protections for over 300,000 Minnesota children who live with a pre-existing condition. 
  • Protections for 568,000 older Minnesotans who live with pre-existing conditions.
  • Medicaid expansion, which benefits 17 million Americans. 
  • Benefits for young adults, like recent college graduates, who can stay on their parents’ insurance until 26 thanks to the ACA. 
  • Protections for women that prevent insurance companies from charging women more for health insurance. 
  • Support for hospitals in Minnesota’s rural communities. 

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that Americans overwhelmingly support saving the ACA. Plus, in a time of crisis when health is on all of our minds, the ACA is especially critical to ensuring that Minnesotans can access the care they need. 

We can’t let Trump and his conservative allies continue to put profits over people. That’s why we need your help to hold conservatives accountable and to protect our health care. Follow ABM on Facebook and Twitter for updates and action alerts. 

Join Us.