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Make your vote count. Vote early.

Make your vote count. Vote early.

Early in-person voting for the primary election starts today and goes until Monday, August 10th. The primary election lets you choose who you want to see in the general election this November. 

Check this link to find out where you can early vote in person. 

A big plus of voting early is that it helps protect you from having to show up to crowded polling places on Election Day. We’ve already seen the effects in Wisconsin of what happens when voters show up at crowded polling places and have to wait in long lines. 

And if you’re concerned about in-person early voting, don’t worry. You can still make your voice heard by voting early by mail

Minnesota is well-known for leading the nation in voter turnout. Year after year Minnesotans show up to the polls more than any other state in the nation. 

Let’s continue to lead by example while also protecting our health and safety by voting early. Encourage your friends and family to vote early, too! 

Join Us.