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What you need to know about Minnesota’s special session and police accountability .

What you need to know about Minnesota's special session and police accountability 

On Friday, June 12th, the Minnesota Legislature started their special legislative session

The death of George Floyd has brought attention and opened many eyes to the injustice system that needs reform. Conservatives have said they won’t act quickly on reform, but progressives are pushing for change and will not rest until legislation is put in place holding law enforcement accountable for their violent, inhumane treatment of Black people in Minnesota. 

Governor Tim Walz is also calling for action:

Minnesota is at a turning point. This is our chance to take strong action to combat persistent structural inequities, pass substantive police reform, and build a stronger economy. 

Progressives are working quickly to put a stop to police brutality and make Minnesota a place that values Black lives and respects everyone’s rights no matter what they look like or where they’re from.

Sign our petition and tell conservatives to do the same. 

After you sign the petition, here are other actions you can take right now:

Working together, we can make Minnesota a place where all of us have our rights respected.

Join Us.