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Conservative Rep. Nolan West Isn’t Concerned About Ending Racism.

Conservative Rep. Nolan West Isn't Concerned About Ending Racism

Conservative Rep. Nolan West is a Minnesota state legislator who represents Blaine. West has a long history of making divisive, racist comments.

That’s why it unfortunately came as no surprise that he didn’t bother voting on the Minnesota House resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in Minnesota.

See for yourself here:

It’s obvious that conservative Rep. Nolan West isn’t concerned about ending racism. And the list of offensive comments he’s made (and been forced to apologize for) over the years is further proof of that.

Here are some of his worst:

In 2008, on the night of President Barack Obama’s election, West posted “IT’S LYNCHING TIME” on his Facebook page.

In 2011, West wrote insensitive Facebook posts that praised the Confederacy and criticized President Abraham Lincoln.

And, over the years, West has posted numerous disrespectful comments about women, LGBTQ people, and more. All of which he was forced to apologize for after publicly coming under fire for his comments when he first ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2016.

The last thing Minnesotans want or need right now is elected officials spreading hate and division in our state.

So let’s work together and hold Rep. Nolan West and Minnesota conservatives accountable. Because every Minnesotan deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of what we look like or where we come from.

Join Us.